About Me


Growing up up until I was about 16 or 17, weight was never really an issue. In fact in my mind I had other things to think about like having boobs since I was 11 years old, and having to deal with periods. That to me was my idea of "bigger fish to fry."



Now I'm on a new phase, I finally have come to peace with my female features around my late teens and weight concerns are a bit more apparent but never deep enough to make me change the way I ate or not wear certain things like crop tops and such, so I graduated from baggy T-shirts and sweatshirts to crop tops and tighter tops.

By the time I was 17 my entire family moved to the USA and I somehow ended up gaining a lot of weight. Using food as comfort for all major changes happening in such a short period of time felt like my only escape. Aside from that, I started making my own money and having a taste of independence, which meant that eventually I moved out and got my own place with a couple roommates.

Once I moved out and was feeling all grown up and stuff, I decided to follow my cousin's footsteps and started buying healthy foods and got a gym membership which for the first few years I had used a handful of times - high five if you feel me on that one! lol

After a couple of years I gave up the gym altogether and started going out and drinking a lot all the time - I'm not blaming any of this on the fact that bartending was my occupation at the time, but it sure induced my behavior. For about 5 years I turned into a big drinker, and as you know when you are intoxicated, you don't make the best food choices. Oh and forget about the next day, I mean bad foods are a hangover's best options!

Fast forwarding through this phase, I found myself sick and tired of the same escapism cycle. I was ready for something new, something different. I wanted to take charge of my life, and face life's challenges in a more authentic and sober manner. Sooooo I decided to lose some weight and that meant: NO DRINKING AND AN EXTREMELY  STRICT DIET.